A 5G Update

An Important 5G Protection Update by Gerard Bini

In 2019, 5G streetlight networks had just begun to roll out in Australia, but at a very slow rate. This was confined to only a handful of suburbs in Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth, but not in Melbourne, Hobart, or Darwin. 5G towers, however, were well and truly established by then and existed across all of Australia.

How will the 5G streetlight network and 5G towers affect my health?

When activated, 5G streetlights generate a harmful Geoelectric Ground Current across an ENTIRE suburb, which puts humans and animals in the area under enormous Geopathic Stress. This Geopathic Stress from Ground Currents depletes the Chinese meridians which, in turn, depletes human organs of their vital energy.

On the other hand, 5G towers generate a Ground Current only to the boundaries of the property which they are on, and NOT across an entire suburb.

My latest 5G research

Virtually every suburb and city in all states in Australia, except NT, have had their 5G streetlight networks turned on. And if it hasn’t been activated yet in some country towns, it soon will be.

In Melbourne, the northern suburbs extending from the city to the Western Ring Road have all had their 5G streetlight networks turned on. This would have happened in the last two weeks or since the 20th of March 2023. I know this for a fact because there were no 5G streetlights turned on while I was at a house consultation in Thornbury that day. Now, ALL of Melbourne’s suburbs have their 5G streetlights turned on.

How much radiation does a Ground current from 5G streetlights generate? 

The radiation sensation, if you would like to call it that, was quite overwhelming. There was a distinct “sickly heaviness” in the air, and it seemed as though the oxygen was being sucked out of the air.

The physics of harmful EMF is this: In a positively charged field environment, there is a reduction of oxygen and an increase in gravity, while in a negatively charged field environment, there is an increase in oxygen and a decrease in gravity.

The average person would be feeling the same sensations from the Ground Current. While they may not be aware of its source, the Geopathic Stress would greatly deplete their meridian system, as expected.

Why has the 5G streetlight rollout occurred recently over the past 2 months in every city and suburb, and not 4 years ago?

Was it necessary now as part of the recently proposed “15-minute cities” which every council around the world seems to have been instructed to engage in?

Or was it to replace the new heightened Aquarian energies which manifested on planet Earth on 1st March 2023, which “knocked out” worldwide Ground Current induced Geopathic Stress that occurred due to solar winds, CMEs, and sunspots from the sun that now, because of the new Aquarian energies, are no longer occurring?

Therefore, was the 5G suburban streetlight rollout a “necessary” replacement for this recently removed worldwide Ground Current? We can only guess.

How do we protect ourselves from the 5G rollout?

With all that said, the solution is to “harmonize” the harmful Ground Current from the 5G streetlights. What is required is a harmonizer capable of neutralizing the harmful Ground Current with a beneficial Ground Current, which is what the Geoclense® and Stellar Dome® are capable of.

The Geoclense® achieves a negatively charged ground current by energizing the earth wire from the meter box/Smart Meter.

The Stellar Dome® achieves this by the energetics of its bottom plate along with the dome configuration to produce a stream of negative charge into the ground.

Both the Geoclense® or the Stellar Dome® generate a negatively charged ground current to the boundaries of a property, across the road frontage, and often to the boundaries of the adjacent properties.

From our testing, we know that there are no other harmonizers capable of neutralizing Ground Current. Shielding materials, for example, are also not capable of neutralizing this Ground Current.

I had an experience of being immersed in the activated 5G streetlight radiation earlier in the year while exhibiting at the Brisbane Mind Body Spirit Festival in February. However, the 5G streetlights didn’t affect me then because l always wore my Stellar Pendant®! When you’re out and about, our wearable harmonizers such as the Stellar Pendant® and Harmonywear® Pendants, Ener-Bands, and Ener-Soles neutralize the Ground Current up to 8 meters – providing you with all the 5G protection you need.

By Gerard Bini
Intuitive Building Biologist