About Us

We have brought together the very best products on the market for your health and well-being.

Alkaline Energies offers various forms of EMF protection Products, Ganoderma/Reishi Products, Miracle Products, and Non-toxic multi-purpose cleaning products suitable for your daily life. Whether you are at home or work, we got you protected.

The latest 5G mobile network is declared as faster and better than previous technology such as 3G or 4G. The radiation released by 5G is the main concern, it is not your average exposure to electromagnetic field radiation (EMF radiation). Since 5G is more powerful than 4G and 3G, it uses higher, energy-charged frequencies. Therefore, consumers may be exposed to possibly harmful forms of EMF radiation. 

Alkaline Energies understand how concerning it is. Hence, we provide products that fully protects you from 5G, electromagnetic radiation, radiofrequency, and other harmful energy fields.

Beside EMF protection products, we also offer three other kinds of products that will be useful for your health & wellness.

Alkaline Energies offer supercharged products to alkalise, energise, and nourish your body.

In Alkaline Energies You can get non-toxic muti-purpose cleaning product and other unique products including a pure Fulvic extract for special health benefits.

Alkaline Energies offers high-quality Ganoderma products that bring a lot of benefits.

  • Nutritional products for immune strengthening and detoxification.
  • Healthy tasty coffees and beverages.
  • Top quality skin care products and personal care products.