Milti the Ener-Bear

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Your little ones’ very own EMF radiation protection! Keep young children safe and comforted with Milti the Ener-Bear.


Product Description

Young children are exposed to various toxic EMFs that can significantly affect them when they are ill. In addition, these EMFs can cause roadblocks to a child’s recovery in their homes and hospitals, as some beds may emit radiation such as human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation and even death imprints, which are dangerous to young children. 

Our Milti is a cute and cuddly toy bear that shields your child from the dangers of EMF. While he may be fluffy, don’t let his soft furs fool you! He is permanently energized to provide the best protection from any surrounding EMFs. 

Milti’s comforting nature makes him also suitable for elderly individuals in Nursing Homes, providing them with a radiation-free space. 

How Milti the Ener-Bear works

Milti is created with Orgone Effects® very own Orgonium® infusion process to harmonize any harmful EMF and imprints. This harmonizing field of negative charge surrounds the contacting body to neutralize the positive charge energy influences from all sources of harmful EMF. 

Milti’s space-cleansing abilities extend to the size of an average bedroom or hospital room – ensuring that your loved one’s energy fields, organs, and meridians are supported and balanced.


  • Made with premium plush fabric 
  • Colour: Neutral Brown 
  • Size: 20cm height
  • Infused with energizing and cleansing properties that will last a lifetime
  • Neutralizes bed imprints such as illness imprints, emotional imprints, and death imprints. 
  • Harmonizes over 30 different sources of noxious EMF fields, including 5G and EMFs from hospital monitoring equipment
  • Neutralizes Earth Radiation, human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation, and Solar and Planetary energy imprints that may silently affect your emotional well-being and long-term health.
  • Created with over 20 years of Intuitive Building Biology Consultancy experience
  • Clinically tested and proven for effectiveness by Accredited health professionals worldwide

* Milti the Ener-Bear comes with a Tag.



Aus Owned
Orgone Effects® range of harmonizing products has undergone years of rigorous field testing and is proven effective against 30 different kinds of harmful EMFs, including 5G streetlights.

All our products are recommended and distributed by accredited Health Professionals worldwide, such as Kinesiologists, Bioresonance Practitioners, Naturopaths and Chiropractors. Using Kinesiology audits and scientific instruments like the Biotensor and Lecher Antenna, our products are tested by experts on the effects of electromagnetic stress on meridian systems and organs. 

Orgone Effects® EMF harmonizing products are made with an accurate negative charge frequency, which is vital to successfully neutralize and balance the positive charge resonance (a harmful component of Electromagnetic Fields). We call this our exclusive Orgonium® process, enabling our products to neutralize any electromagnetic stress on the human body that’ll last a lifetime. 


How long will the energizing qualities of the Ener-Bear last for?
The Ener-Koala will never lose its energetics. The energetic infusion does not wear out and cannot be washed out.

What is the area the Ener-Bear will cover to neutralize the radiation?
The Ener-Koala will have a balancing effect across 40sqm.


Hi, I Just wanted to share a success story. My 96 year old Grandma who only in the last 3 years has had to go into a nursing home absolutely loves her Ener-Bear, she carries it with her everywhere. She was a nurse all her life and served in WW2 as a nurse. She was so over joyed to receive this Bear. I think it has been a lifesaver for her and something she can also “care” for, having that in her blood as a nurse all her life.  She just does not let go of this bear. It’s like her baby. Amazing. It’s brought her so much comfort and peace. Makes me cry because she was lost without it. I even permanently put her name on it so it would always find her if she ever lost it in the nursing home. 🙂  Thank you Orgone Effects for making such a life changing product.  I haven’t seen my Gran so happy since she came in here 3 years ago. ❤️
Rebecca Sferco, Brisbane, Qld.

Last year I purchased two of your Ener-Bears, one was for my elderly mum (93 years). The feedback I would like to pass on is how much she loves the dear little bear.  Each night when I tuck her into bed I put the bear in also.  She just loves him and says “you’re a darling” to the bear, and talks to it as well.  Today I was visiting the Mind Body Spirit Festival here in Brisbane and I told this story to the lady on the stand.  She truly appreciated it.  I bought another bear today as well. It is the cutest bear, I have dubbed it “The Healing Bear”. It is a great gift for anyone.  The one I bought today, I have kept for myself.  Thanks for listening to my story.”
Margaret, Brisbane, Qld.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the bears. My kids love their bears and sleep with them every night.  I am very appreciative and so happy with the customer service.


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