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Energy Harmonising

Full protection from 5G, electromagnetic radiation, radio frequency and other harmful energy fields.

Protect your body from EMF exposure

Many of us are so used to the convenience of modern life. But only a few of us are aware of the potential health risks brought by the gadgets we use in our everyday lives. In alkaline energies, we offer various products that help to neutralize the effects of all forms of harmful energy emissions we’re exposed to.

Ganoderma/Reishi Products

  • Nutritional products for immune strengthening and detoxification.
  • Healthy tasty coffees and beverages.
  • Top quality skin care products and personal care products.

Miracle Products

Supercharged products to alkalise and energise and nourish the body.

Are you 5G ready?

A vast 5G infrastructure is now being rolled out and ready to go.

Exposure to strong electromagnetic forces which create unhealthy energetic conditions may result in mild to major health consequences. 
It is not disputed that harmful electromagnetic fields at any level, may trigger biological effects and attribute a diffuse collection of symptoms…

✓ Nausea, headaches and other physical discomfort
✓ Trouble concentrating and foggy brain
✓ Lethargy and fatigue
✓ Sleeping difficulties
✓ Negative emotional energies of depression, anxiety and anger

There are four producs tested to give protection from harmful 5G radiation: Stellar Dome, Geoclense, Cabin Disk and Orgone Pendants.

These Energy Harmonising products and others include an extensive range of health practitioner approved EMR harmonizing products to neutralize the harmful effects of all forms of noxious energy emissions we’re exposed to.

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5G Protection Products

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